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Why London Web Technologies? Because Your Customer is Not An Algorithm

Your customer is a human being who’s very likely to discover you because of a search engine. How likely? Google and Bing together deliver 75% of all web traffic. There’s no excuse to ignore SEO and PPC. You have to do it right, and you have to back it up with:

  • Profitable, efficient PPC
  • Future-proof strategy
  • Great creative
  • Superior content
  • Smart social media
  • Effective analytics

But it’s still about your customers, not trendy tactics or fleeting loopholes in an algorithm. That’s why we focus on the three pillars of smart, future-proof SEO:

  • Visibility
  • Relevance
  • Authority


of web traffic originates from 

search engines


We ensure customers and search engines can find and understand every page on your site. Visibility is about technical infrastructure, site structure and user experience.

What’s making it harder for search engines and users to navigate your site? We look at infrastructure, code and navigation to find those problems and fix them. That improves search visibility and user experience at the same time.


We make you more relevant to your customers. That’s what great SEO does. We start with audience analysis to find the right topics. Then we optimize your site around the actual customer journey. That gets you more than traffic or vanity metrics. It gets you real customers. Isn’t that why you’re here?


If you want to count how many links you’ve bought every month, sorry, you’ve come to the wrong place. We use content, social media and organic link building to grow authority. Of course we look for links. But we start with the fundamentals:

  • Site architecture’s effect on authority
  • Content visibility and promotion
  • Social media as a potential link driver

Future-proof Search Engine Optimization

London Web Technologies is a leading seo agency in London, it doesn’t try to exploit loopholes. We don’t seek or promise outlandish results within a month, only to have you disappear under a penalty the next. Instead, we focus on organic improvement of the three pillars: Visibility, Relevance and Authority. We help you give search engines what they want without sacrificing customer experience.

Good SEO is good marketing. It lasts. That’s what we do.

We Keep it Together

In a perfect world, there’s infinite time to make every SEO tactic happen exactly right and you’d have it all figured out this week. But that’s not reality.

Instead, we get to know your unique business. We learn the constraints that keep you up at night. We help you weigh your options.

We organize and prioritize recommendations by impact and difficulty and can help you develop an implementation plan. We’ll help you make the business case for resources. Or, if you prefer, ourin-house team can implement changes for you.

And we measure success on true KPIs: Revenue, qualified leads or whatever else grows your business. You’ll know you’re getting real value from our services.

We Do More

SEO is an important part of our services, but we offer the whole package, including:

  • PPC
  • Strategy
  • Creative
  • Content
  • Social Media
  • Analytics


Hire London Web Technologies for your SEO consulting needs:

Or, view a more in-depth description of our SEO services here.

Proper planning gets your website on top

When it comes to search engine ranking, top page results are the best results giving an impression to customers that the website is best in the industry. So it is important that you be there on top when others are searching.

Our SEO skills come from knowledge and experience

The real power of internet is in the visits that it gets from around the globe. So to optimize your site is the best process that you can adapt to reap the benefits. Search engine optimization or SEO is all about ranking your site in front of SERPs in return to visitors’ search query that relate to what you do.

We always focus to impart cutting edge search marketing strategies that will position your site competitively on SERPs.
SEO is a huge and delicate process. What you normally get is just the tip of an iceberg. Every site wants top most placements in the leading search engines by any means ?But following the optimization strict standards enforced by major search engines across the world lets you position your site organically there.

Depending on your niche and how competitive your keywords are, you may alter your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies from page to page. On-site and off-site SEO are both very important in achieving high search engine rankings. It is important to use white-hat search engine optimization techniques and do everything possible to avoid labeling your site as a “spammy one” in Google’s eyes.

Search Engine Market Share. The search results are generally presented in a list of results and are commonly called hits. Differently Web directories, which are maintained by human editors, search engines which operate algorithmically or are a mixture of algorithmic and human input.

This is a statistical fact you can’t ignore. While looking for a business, product or service, 80% of consumers take the help of search engines. You will be the loser of all these potential customers if your website does not rank high in the search engine results. SEO is Important – let it be handled by professionals.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Better Online Visibility
  • Site Analysis & SEO Strategy Development
  • On Page & Off Page SEO
  • White-hat Search Engine Optimization Techniques
  • Qualified SEO/SEM Professionals

Search Engine Optimization

Research, on and off the industry for the right mix of ingredients to add the right flavor to the business bought our clients to the top. Check out your SEO & Internet Marketing options with us!

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London web technologies  is a leading Website Design and Development company based in London, UK.. London web technologies provide affordable Web Services to our clients. London Web Technologies is your local Web Design Company based in London, UK and we provide high quality services exceeding your expectations! Our main area of operation has been the Small Business sector growth online in London.

Why we are the best in London UK?

Trusted Brand 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 24/7 Support

We offer completely customisable web solutions to our customers. That means, customer can be maintain, edit, add or delete the look and feel of website, all with a dedicated project manager by your side. Transform your personalised business into a powerful online business place that aligns itself with your existing style and meet your competitors speed and pace. Get A Free Quote today to discuss about your project!

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Simplify your online presence with London Web Technologies

Come and join with London Web Technolgoies to create a seamless, streamlined, dynamic business transactions that allows for smoother workflows and collaboration and boost your market space. With custom design, creativity, strong functionalities, database creation and exclusive integrated processes, our London based design team will work to understand your unique business model and provides dedicated support and services within decent budget.

As a customer you have a right to calcuate your Return on Investment. London Web Technologies concepts and services are built with the customer experience in mind, we’ll try to bring leads and leverage your sales opportunities using advanced technology services. You can surely achieve a tremendous conversion rate with an attractive and awesome website that is able to drive it. London Web Technolgoies, Professional Website Designers in London, Offers responsive website design & web development, SEO Services and Website maintenance services at affordable prices using advanced technologies HTML 5 and CSS 3 with jQuery coding techniques. Website design in london and all its connected powerful tools for Web Development are an essential part of the overall infrastructure for business development. So, LWT is a name to rely for:

Leading web design agency in london with good repetition

London Web technologies will drive your online brand engagement with the special user journey as a constant focus for a long term with great support. We give utomost priority for creative digital services in london, that shows that we give Great digital experiences to our customers to create their great brands. With our customer long term journey in London as our prime focus, we at London Web Technologies deliver professional websites that gives an unforgettable first impression and very strengthen brand engagement and good business relationship between our customer and LWT. We at London Web Technologies always tries to bring in a proper matching between creativity and software coding to leave you with a valuable business tool that shows the quality of work. You can check our reviews and our Website redesign services details, We work for Website redesign and maintenance.